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Geezerfest 2020 FAQ & Guidlines

Geezerfest 2020 FAQs & Guidelines

Updated FAQs modified to address COVID – 19 concerns – we are publishing these updated FAQs because of numerous questions regarding how we and Orem City will be handling the Festival if we’re still under a ‘Yellow’ condition (precautions are being taken). Obviously we’re hoping the state is in the GREEN by Geezerfest time, but we are addressing what we will do in the event we are not to try and make a safe experience for everyone wanting to attend.

COVID Note: To all band members participating, we are asking that if any of your band personnel are showing signs of illness within 48 HRS. of the day of performance, that you let us know. We would ask that you stay at home and not attend the festival, so that others may enjoy the event without fear of catching a virus!!

  • Q: Will there be a backline? And if so, what will be available?

A: YES… A backline will be provided for Musicians to use. We will have two to three guitar amps (tube – 2 Marshall ½ stacks, and possibly a Fender), Bass Amp (Ampeg), and a Drum Kit setup for use and mic’d. This will help save time between bands transitioning on and off stage and dealing with pre-performance prep and staging!

  • Q: Will we need to provide any of our own sound/PA equipment (e.g. Mics, monitors, etc.)?

A: NO… We have a full production Sound Company running the mix and board (Wylder Productions). Alan Wilberg is our lead sound engineer and he will be mic’ing all the vocals, amps and keyboards. Singers are welcome to bring their own mics if they prefer, but we are trying to keep the changing out of equipment between bands transitioning to a minimum.

COVID Note: Due to the sensitivity of the pandemic, we would like all singers to bring their own foam windscreens to put over the mics. Lead vocalists/singers may bring their own mics to plug in, but will be required to use designated stands. Microphones & stands will be wiped down between performances. We will not be moving onstage microphones or XLRs around from mic stand to mic stand.

  • Q: Will there be a Drum Kit available, or will each group need to bring their own?

A: YES… There will be a drum kit setup on stage and for use by all bands. I believe it is a Tama kit. The only thing a drummer might want to bring is his/her own kick/floor pedal, snare and drumsticks. Because of minimal transition time between bands, we cannot take the time to setup drum kits between performances. Also, we have several drummers coming from out of town who would rather not have to haul a full kit to Utah.

  • Q: How long are the sets for each band? And how firm are the times that have been scheduled?

A: Set time will be 30 minutes on Friday evening and 35 minutes on Saturday per group! In-order-to provide the maximum opportunity for all 25 bands, we had to scale the performance times to fit the overall schedule for performances in accordance with our Orem City Summerfest events (e.g. parade and fire-works show). We are on a tight schedule and would ask all bands to be ready to make the changes as rapidly as possible (we have a 10 minute window between bands to transition on and off stage). We’re going to be firm on the performance timeframes in order to keep to the posted schedule (obviously if you run over a minute or two we get that. But we can’t have bands running 5-10 minutes over their allocated times). Bands need to be considerate of each other and honor the timeframes allocated. The 30 and 35-minute timeframes should allow each band enough time to perform anywhere from 6 to 9 songs depending on duration. Each Band will need to judge the length of time for their respective sets and see how many songs they can work into their timeframe.

  • Q: Will there be time for sound checks between each band and the sets?

A: YES… Provided that everyone honors the transition window timeframe (I previously mentioned) there should be time for minimal sound checks. This also supports our thinking for mic’ing wherever we can and minimizing equipment staging and swapping. The less we have-to deal with that, the more regulated the sound will be and the less adjustments we’ll have to make.

  • Q: Can we bring our own Amps?

A: YES…We prefer that you use the backline Amps, but you can bring your own amps provided they aren’t bigger than a ½ stack Marshall setup size/footprint. If you chose to use your own amp, realize that the time spent staging it and sound checking it is cutting into transition time. We will be able to mic your amp, but volume adjustments may need to be done on your amp rather than at the board (in order-to minimize time resetting levels through the board, as we are trying to keep the board as static as possible). So you’ll be playing at whatever level you are set to on your amp from the stage.

  • Q: What are the rules regarding time between sets? and how much time is there between sets for transitioning on and off the stage?

A: Already beat this one up pretty good above!But just in case you missed it, there will be exactly 10 minutes between bands for transitioning on and off the stage. Performances are set to go off at the scheduled time! So the less staging and setup during the transition window, the better… If the transition happens faster than the 10-minute allotted timeframe, the performing group can start earlier (might be a little incentive here).

If you take longer than the 10 minute allotted time between bands, you are cutting into your set time (so as to not penalize the next band up), and will need to adjust accordingly (if that means dropping a song from your set, that’s what will need to occur).

  • Q: Is there a place for staging & getting ready prior to going on? If so, what access do we have to it prior to our set start time?

A: YES… There will be a staging area on the backside of the main stage. We will have about a 12X30 foot area on the backside of the main stage allocated for bands to put their equipment in. In order-to minimize noise and disruption, we are asking that only the band up next in the line-up be in the staging area during performances. We also do not allow guests in the back stage area during performances. There will be sound-dampening drapes as a backdrop to the main stage, that will shield the audience from viewing any activities in the staging area. Please keep noise to a minimum when you’re in the staging area, so as not to distract from those performing on stage!

COVID Note: Due to the pandemic situation ONLY band members will be allowed in the backstage area to help with the social distancing requirement.

  • Q: What equipment of our own should we plan on bringing? A: Kind of gave the answer to this one in previous questions, but just in case you missed it. Because we are providing a backline and PA, you do not have to feel obligated to bring your own equipment (e.g. amps, drums, mics, etc.). However, having said that I realize folks like their own equipment and sound gear, so use the guidelines I previously stated above. In addition to the guidelines previously mentioned, guitar players are welcome to bring their own pedals/effects boards, cabling, etc. (work with our sound and stage crew if you need assistance) with setup . Keyboard players should plan on bringing their own equipment. If there are further questions regarding any other equipment, contact Alan Breese (801)793-5607, John Pilmer (801)369-7535, or Gary Horan (801)830-8896.
  • Q: Will there be Security at the Fest?

A: YES… We will have several Security personnel at the event to help keep things safe and equipment protected. Last year was the first year in our 15-year history we have had an issue with missing equipment. We admonish folks to make sure that they keep personal belongs with them at all times. We will maintain security around the stage area but cannot be responsible for personal items left unattended in the park.

COVID Note: Additionally, because we are part of Orem City’s Summerfest event, uniformed officers and city police force will be in the park area during the event. We will have our own security personnel around the stage and staging areas.

  • Q: Can bands sell their own merchandise should they bring any?

A:YES… However, we will not be providing tables for any merchandise sales other than Geezerfest T-Shirts, stickers, and water bottles the day of the performances. Having said that, we do allow for bands wanting to sell their respective merchandise, to do so at the event. You will need to provide your own tables and sales equipment. Merchandise tables should be co-located and aligned with the concert shirt sale table, the morning of the event (located on the south-eastern side of the stage area).

  • Q: Can Bands put up their own signage/banners up on stage at Geezerfest?
  • A: We would prefer that you not do that (but if you do, realize again it is cutting into your setup time, as we do not provide a display for such) … The only signage that we will display at Geezerfest will be the productions namesake (e.g. Geezerfest logo) and sponsor banners (e.g. Orem City Summerfest Concert Series, Best in Music, Boothe Brothers Music, Wylder Productions, VASA Fitness, Macy’s etc……)
  • Q: Any particular rules/guidelines around what is acceptable during performances?

A: Yes....Be professional!! Geezerfest is about friends, family and fun. It’s a community event as well as a venue for old relationships to be re-established. Our roots started in a backyard barbecue and we have grown to over 700+ strong as musicians, former musicians in Utah and Salt Lake Counties, and families and friends of musicians. With the sponsorship of Orem and Summerfest Concert Series, Geezerfest has been opened up to a much larger audience (general public) to attend, and it promises to be a memorable event for years to come. I only see it growing! Remember what we represent to the community, our family, friends and fans. There will be people from all ages attending the ‘FEST’, so keep the language, the actions on stage, and the rapport with the audience upbeat and fun. You’re all professionals…

Q: I heard that there will be fireworks at this year’s show. Is this true?

A: Yes… After the final performance on Saturday evening, Orem City will set off their annual Summerfest fireworks show (will last about 20 minutes).

Final Thought from Alan

Enjoy the venue, bring good times and good memories for those you’re performing for. And have fun reacquainting yourself with old friends! If you’re new this year to the Geezerfest experience, sit back and enjoy the music and camaraderie. Above all else, have a great performance and let’s keep ‘Live’ Rock and Roll alive and well in Utah County!!

Appreciate you all, your time and talents….

Alan Breese & the Geezerfest Staff

Parking for bands is on the East side of the Senior Center. Bands can also park in the little lot on the north side of the Senior center. Bands can pull up beside the stage to unload/load but can’t stay parked there.

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