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Geezerfest 2020 Bands

At Virtual Geezerfest 6 held July 2, 2020 we all had a very fun evening. Moe Low played and special guests John Pilmer and Alan Breese sat in with the band and played a couple of songs. It was a great night all the way around. The highlight of the show was the announcement of all the bands that will be playing at Geezerfest 2020.

Here is a list of all the bands that were drawn that night to play at Geezerfest 2020. If your band isn’t on here, don’t lose hope. Sometimes a band will have to drop out due to unforeseen circumstances and another band will be contacted to fill. For the most current schedule and list of bands be sure to go to our Event Schedule For Geezerfest 2020 page!

Bands playing at Geezerfest 2020

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